Gun Licence Motivation

How to motivate a licence
Obtaining a firearm licence requires a motivation; the following points should be taken into account when making your application.
The most common applications are for individuals who want to improve their personal security, all statements made in the motivation must be supported by written evidence, and this can take the form of newspaper cuttings, local crime statistics, case numbers of recent crimes and similar kinds of information.
You can only have one weapon for self protection
The following scenarios may help you construct your motivation;
A single mother may include copies of her children’s birth certificates and a divorce order or maintenance order or husband’s death certificate, all of which can prove this statement and then emphasize her status as a possible soft target.
A businessman may have to carry cash on a regular basis, copies of bank statements and business registration documents will help.
A mechanic may have to go to breakdowns at all hours; copies of time sheets, letters from an employer or customer stating this will prove your statement.
Emphasis on crime in your area will help; do not get involved in proving any short comings with local law enforcement as negativity will possibly have an adverse effect on your application.
You may own a maximum of four weapons as an occasional hunter/sportsman, but if you have a firearm for self defence then you can only have three additional hunting/sporting weapons.
Sporting weapons, especially additional handguns, will require proof of membership of a club (See our website for useful contacts).
In the instance of a weapon being required for occasional hunting or wing shooting it is advised that letters from a farmer support the application, if you have correspondence with a farmer showing previous bookings or photographs of your trophies send copies with your application. Mention things like “I was invited to such and such a place to hunt but couldn’t go as my friend lends me his gun and he couldn’t make it” or “a spare gun isn’t always available”.
Magnum magazine always has hunts advertised; you can’t book a hunt if you don’t have a rifle but the opportunities are there, send a copy of the adverts!
Another route to obtaining a hunting weapon is to join an association linked to this pastime (see our website for contact details).
Persons wishing to obtain firearms in excess of the four licence limit will have to be recognized by the police as dedicated collectors/sportsmen/hunters, again motivation will be required as well as proof of membership of the relative governing bodies related to each category, by the time you get to this point you will have worked out how to get your licences but I’ll assist where I can.
The SAPS aren’t obliged to issue licences to undeserving applicants, the person deciding your application is in Pretoria, you will not be interviewed by this person, give as much information as you can to convince them of your need for each firearm.

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